The Story of Fred, Jane and Sexmachine.

Better read the README!

Hint 000
Takes a while to load 4.3 MB.
Hint 001
Cursor keys or drag with the right mouse button to scroll the map.
Hint 002
Get all survivors to the stairs and try again after a Level Up!
Hint 003
Left click is context senstive. You can: move, harvest, attack, barricade, drop and pickup.
Hint 004
Once standing on an item a survivor can pick it up. Click on it when the survivor is focused.
Hint 005
Click on items in the inventor to drop them.
Hint 006
Press TABulator to switch the focus to the next survivor.
Hint 007
Each survivor can only cary one of each equipment type (outfit, weapon, utility, medi).
Hint 008
A good survivor can tell from what he sees which zombies await him - if any.