Most of these games are open source and some have a page with more information about their implementation.


Base building game with artificial life simulation.

Beneath the Duck Face

Cooperative (?) multiplayer: all players have to move the duck to the finish by issuing chat commands. Source:


A RPG puzzle adventure in Spanish with a short but awesome story. Play Norzarea:, Norzarea source on github:

Pirate King

Survive on a mysterious pacific island populated by evil souls. Source code: Video (no sound):


A great looking shoot-em-up. Source code:

Princess Keeper

A physics game.

More information: and source code:

Alge’s Escape

A plattformer with a twist: clone your way top victory by turning the correct combination of switches on to turn off the lasers and escape to freedom.

Source code and more information:

Bandit Racer

The game includes simple box2d based car physics, multiplayer, waypoint based racing AI, zoomable camera that follows an object in the game world, etc.

Source code: and more Infos:

Space Fighter

Classic space shoot’em’up. Source code on github

Pinball Maze

Don’t let the pinball drop in a hole while completing the maze. If your device has orientation or motion support this game will use it.

Evil Circles

The goal is to destroy all circles with your squares. More info and source code on the Evil Circles page.

Subordination Day

Destroy the humans.

Source code and more information on ludum dare page:


Source code:

Nokia Maps Alien Invasion

Blog post about this easter egg in the Nokia Maps application.


Shoot em up. More info about the simple animation framework used in this game and the source code.

Game of Life

Conway’s Game of Life in JavaScript (see Wikipedia on Game of Life).

More info and source on github


Physics game. Integrates Box2d. More info and source code on the Planetary page.

Pretty Tiles

CPU heavy landscape generator. Ground features are derived from perlin noise and drawn as ISO landscape.

More info and source on github

Y8Y2 - Infection simulation

A simple real-time strategy game based on the board-game Pandemic. Source code:

The Last Adventurer

Ludum Dare 48h hours entry The Last Adventurer. This is a game about losing your companions. It’s an action RPG with the twist being that you start with a party of five and lose one member at a time until the final quest when you’re alone.

Halloween Pumpkin Juggling

Halloween Pumpkin Juggling (available on Chrome Webstore).

New Utopia

Remake of Utopia (1981). One of the first real time strategy games.

Creepy Forest

Audio, violence, music experiment. Only works in Firefox3+.

More info and source on github

Sad Pandas (offline since 2011/11)

A multiplayer online panda simulation. Works best on Google Chrome 13, Safari 5, or the iPad (iOS 4). Tested also with Firefox 6. More info and source code.


Mouse event example draw sparkles.

Sprite CPU Test

Sprite performance test. The smoother the sprites move, the stronger your PC.


Shoot em up.

PyGame vs GameJs

the same code in both languages


A very minimal GameJs app: A pulsating circle that reacts to clicks. Interesting because it shows how a very simple demo can be structured in GameJs. The source is about 70 LOC.


audio, explosion sketch

Unfinished / On-Hold


FJSM - RPG tech demo


Tech demo for an RPG. Skills, Line of Sight, Melee, Ranged, Item Managment, Pathfinding,…

World Control


On hold. Political strategy game. Round based, casual.


Networking with websockets (on hold). The two green soldiers are controlled by me & my buddy.